About KnowNamibia

by Lizette Feris

6 Namibia - The hidden gem of Africa. The second least populated country in the world is Africa’s undiscovered Gem.

Segregated and contrasting Namibia has 825,418km² of land and the latest population figures are estimated to be 2.1 million in 2009.

This site aims to provide you the reader with unique and untold experiences from the Namibian perspective, to tantalize and tease your senses and give a true insight to life in this magnificent country.

Explore this site and discover this South West African country from the Diamond territory stretching from the Orange River bordering South Africa, northwards along the coast to Kolmanskop Ghost Town upwards to the Skeleton Coast touching the Angolan border. Many rivers run in the northern part of Namibia and hydrate the infinite and serenely beautiful national game parks and the Caprivi Strip, the arm that connects to three countries to the East of Africa. The centre of Namibia is the rugged and mountainous Central Plateau, home to Brandberg ‘Fire Mountain’. The eastern stretch of Namibia is taken up by the Kalahari Desert and is host to the Succulent Karoo that contains over 5,000 species of plants.

A country rich with tradition and culture, Namibia has 11 national groups and a large number of dialects of the various tribal languages. Thankfully, English was selected as the official language at Independence which is in great contrast to the neighbouring countries which was regarded as a "deliberate policy of ethno linguistic fragmentation"(¹).

The people of Namibia are fascinating and diverse yet live together in harmony.

After 20 years of Independence it is time for the world to discover and fall in love with Namibia.