Boundless Beauty

by Lizette Feris

A feast for eyes and ears, this country offers limitless space and an indescribable yet simple beauty. This land is home to 11 national groups, who are native to certain parts of Namibia.

In general Namibians are cultural diverse, open and accepting people and stem from proud warrior forefathers. The land of the brave is blessed with many endemic species of animals, undiscovered riches and wonderful people.

9 Lion - one of the big five animals of Africa

The North of Namibia, known as the Bushveld is dominated by Etosha National Reserve, built around the Etosha Pan and was established 20 years ago. This National reserve is home to large numbers of mammal, bird, reptile and amphibian and even fish species. This paradise also hosts the largest cheetah population in the world. Etosha is special as the animals are kings to their thrones in this kingdom, and we, as humans feel like we are visitors. From a distance you may gaze at the big five in all their glory and splendour. The bushveld comes alive at night as the rays fade into dusk, and the smells typical of animal and dust settles. An overwhelming sense of greatness that is our universe overcomes you. A momentous silence follows as night falls.

The cool breeze drifting off the Okavango River feels soothing and smells sweet. The Caprivi Strip, is another variation of the wonders that are Namibia. This piece of land is Namibia’s to claim due to the British Empire who negotiated that the Caprivi be annexed to then, South West Africa to give the Germans access to the Zambezi River and also Victoria Falls. The endangered Wild Africa dog has a feast on the antelope, zebra, springbok and impala’s living in the north eastern part of the great country.

The population resident in the North is the most traditional and cultural rich of this diverse, even contemporary African country.