Coastal adventures

by Lizette Feris

A place nestled between desert and ocean, Swakopmund is a must visit for any traveller to Namibia. Because of its location, this little German influenced town offers a variety of activities to do whilst on holiday.

16 Namib Desert - Quad biking

Quad-biking is top of the list for the adventurous and those who would like to see the desert from another angle, on the back of a quad bike. This sport is very much loved and travelling in groups it is a great social event. Departure is normally from the Swakop River with lots of bumps to get you settled in and acquainted with the bike. After which the hour and half is spent conquering the dunes of the Namib Desert, an ocean of sand. The views are exquisite as you come over a dune you are amazed at the size of this desert land, one of the world’s highest dunes. The last leg of the tour takes you over the final dune peak nestled next to the Atlantic Ocean. Again your breath will be taken away by this unexpected view of the blue majestic Atlantic after the never ending red dunes.

Sand boarding is for the less adventurous, but it doesn’t make it any less fun. This sand surfing is standing upright on the board, and is not for the faint hearted. Loved by sea surfers all over the world, this method really gets the adrenalin pumping. Lying flat on the board, you get a head first view of the downhill slope of the dune, and sand boarders are forewarned to lift the hands gripping the ends of the board and elbows to not be eating the fine sand of the desert. Great speeds are achieved on these boards and expect to be thoroughly excited when you reach the end. Climbing those dunes takes some effort, but once you are on the board the struggle uphill is forgotten.

Dolphin and seal cruising is a much loved activity for the family and the boat departs from Walvis Bay yacht club around 8.30am. a relaxing speed boat journey takes you past the Walvis Bay harbour with it’s colourful history and Russian Trawlers into the deep blue. A variety of fish species can be seen, most notably the Mola-Mola or sun fish. This massive flat fish only feeds on sunlight or moonlight and surfaces frequently, as is sometimes the case on the Atlantic the mist and fog can obscure the sun or moon light and they then feast on jelly fish. A truly extraordinary sight. The round nose Dolphin and the cape fur seal is in abundance on these waters and the local tour guides have even named their favourite and most frequent seal visitors that jumps on board. This is a once in a lifetime experience to feed these seals that are so well behaved they leave the boat on their own accord