Hit the capital

by Nolizel Franks

12 Windhoek Independence Avenue

As every other Friday night, when the sun sets in the capital this dormant city comes to life. Everyone would know that it is Friday, because no other day in the week would be as lively and active as when the work week draws to an end.

This small city as compared to gigantic cities like New York, London and Beijing; however does sleep, at least for Monday to Wednesdays and only awaken as the weekend approaches. The residents have a well known saying in Namibia: ‘you notice it is Friday; don’t we all just live for Fridays’.

More so, every end-of-the-month’s Friday (when it is pay-day for most) restaurants are packed, the fast food drive-throughs have endless queues, bars have fewer vacant parking places and everyone just seems to be having permanent smiles on their faces. It is most often only on these days that hotspots are overcrowded too.

Typically the favourite hotspot depends on the proximity from the place of work, and here we explore the most frequented hang-outs in Windhoek.

Primi Piatti is a well-known South African franchise. Known for its cozy setting and ideal location for business people in the area that has a desire for social networking. The menu although not extensive still satisfies the taste buds and fills the tummy.

Another talked-about meeting point for the locals is the lively Zenso’s Lounge/bar. Found in the heart of the City Centre, in the Gutenberg Platz. Zenzo’s Lounge/bar is ideal for meeting each other half way.

In competition with these is the newly opened Cheers Lounge, offering limited opening hours from Wednesdays, known as Mommies / Ladies night, to Saturday evenings which is the best party night. Cheers, means good bye in local lingo, it is befitting as it is all about forgetting the challenges of the work week and looking forward to a weekend of fun. This is similar to the coffee shop frequented in the Friends sitcom, except coffee is replaced with alcohol and the couch is replaced with a dance floor.

The highly treasured Joe’s Beerhouse is located on the far end of the city centre. Here too various businesses are found and for some this is a hotspot closer to home after a few drinks. This incredible German-owned beerhouse is one of a kind in Namibia and probably deserves a review on its own. Nevertheless, it’s also classed as a top-notch place for hanging out in Namibia and catching up with friends after work. Think JSP on a budget.

The Winebar is situated on one of Windhoek’s infamous hills, over-looking the capital. Well known for its romantic setting, the locals do not mind to take a 10min drive from the city centre to taste the best wines across the world and to be captivated by the most awesome sunsets. Think the Hills, with less talk about catfights and boyfriend troubles.