Media influence

by Lizette Feris

The Media is renowned for influencing the readers and listeners. Namibia is no different. With a variety of newspapers and only one tabloid the print industry is booming however lacking in magazine publishing. Most glossy and gossip magazines are obtained from South Africa which is the most popular reading material of the youngsters. Huisgenoot, People and Drum are the most cherished amongst this group of readers, whilst the older generation prefer newspapers to stay in touch with the events in Namibia.

Controversy is still the name of the game and although not controlled by the Government these independent news printers are very careful of what they print. A lot of local issues are reported and followed up on, and not many end in court cases which is common in the international media industry.

Digital Satelite Television (DSTV) is the preferred set-up as the only other channels are Namibia Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) and One Africa Television. These report on the daily issues in Namibia and Africa in general and the soaps are normally Spanish or Mexican with a translation into English. The locals do love their soaps and prefer to watch South African soapies on MNET the much loved South African channel or the more common internationally produced soaps and dramas.

A visit to the Cinema is as popular here as anywhere else in the world, however every town only has one cinema, with the exception of the City where two cinema theatres can be found. New releases are on par with international trends.