Music in Namibia

by Lizette Feris

Namibia’s local artists have recently taken the music industry in Namibia to a new level. Launching their own record labels is really the only they can produce their own tunes and in the last 10 years many have done just that.

Mostly Kwaito, a variation of local and internationally recognised instruments and locally mixed languages provides a true individual and unique African vibe. Don’t be surprised to find that one song can contain up to three different languages and variations, more commonly slang.

The ladies have finally caught up with the guys in this arena, and Namibia now boasts a host of artists ranging from Gal Level, two sisters that have now gained some international exposure with recognition on Channel 0 the African version of MTV. Lady May and Stella have also reached great heights for local female artists.

Gazza, The Dog and Jericho are but a few of the guys who produce their own music and have taken Namibia by storm. Of course adding a little of the usual hype in the music industry by being in conflict with each other.

Choirs are in great demand here in Namibia and the rest of the world and Namibia is proud to have several professional choirs that travel the world.

Other music in Namibia which is well loved by the locals is Lang arm, a Rehoboth originated style of music that is not as well known amongst the younger crowds.

Traditional music is on the increase with the drum still being the most popular instrument in this genre. African House has now reached world status as a great variation of the original house music style.

Namibian’s love to dance and the international artists are always favoured above the local artists this is partly due to the massive exposure these international, prominently US and UK artists receive here in Namibia brought to us by the DSTV and other online music channel set-ups.