Namibian people

by Brownie

Namibia is extremely segmented with many of its almost 3 million people huddling together in their national groups. Inter racial marriages are not very common with each preferring to marry their own. Integration happens but to a very limited extend. I discuss my personal opinions on the major groups in Namibia.

The Ovambo people are the majority of the population. Mostly living in the North of the country called Ovambo Land, the towns in this region are Rundu, Oshikati and Katima Malilo. The Ovambo people have their own traditional dress with is very well known although not much worn outside of this area.

27 Himba women

The Caprivians are a minority, and somehow very exclusive to the Caprivi Region. The Caprivians, I guess was caught up in the fought for the Caprivi Strip when the Germans wanted a route to the Zambezi river.

The Himba people are the most ancient traditionalist in Namibia. They have not been touched with our western attitude and thus live in villages unawares of the real issues Namibians face. Ignorance is bliss, and in this particular case I’m truly happy that there are of our people to whom materialistic and socialistic stature has no meaning. We should all take a leaf out of their book.