Namibian people

by Brownie

26 Herero woman

The Hereroes were a very large group in Namibia until the war with the Germans when they had so many fatalities. The Hereroes also have a traditional dress that is very extinguishable amongst the Namibian groups as this is a big dress similar to those of the Victorian times and a headdress that seems quite heavy. These are worn even in the extreme heat.

Namas, derived from the Sun or the Bushmen people. They are well known for their high cheek bones and are also considered to be ancestors of the Basters, mostly resident in Rehoboth. It is believed the Namas and the Germans created the mix-race group called the Basters. It is very well known in Namibia that a baster and a coloured (both mix raced groups) are not of the same descents. To some degree this could be true as most of the coloured people moved to South West Africa from the Cape Colonies and is a mixture of the local people there and the Dutch or British settlers around Cape of Good Hope at the time.

Personally for a few traditions that the coloureds don’t have like Lang-arm dance (similar to the two-step dance) that is performed to locally produced music there is not much difference between the Coloureds and the Basters. However in Namibia a few would want to be part of the mix-race generation as they believe there is many more differences. I think those died out a long while ago and this is one of the reasons that the mix-race group in Namibia will always be in the middle of the tug of war between black and white. They simply can’t get along because of silly believes and connotations.

The Germans, the English and the Afrikaner boer makes up less than 6% of the country, however integration even between these groups only happens at school level. The elders in our country have the opinion that we are better off with our type of people and thus there is always social segregation.

For a country with not even 3 million people we need to highlight the common goals, common believes and find solidarity to really take our country forward. March 2011 will be our 21st Independence Celebrations and for me I don’t believe the people of Namibia will really enjoy this momentous event together as there are a lot of different opinions as to what happened to the country since Independence, however if we don’t discuss and talk about these amongst us the people of Namibia will never have a voice.

Together big changes can be made, in segmentations the majority wins and the most of the time people don’t speak up about what they truly want or believe is their right.