Namibian potjie kos

by Lizette Feris

A traditional favourite like the well known Braai – Barbeque, a potjie is a social event for family and friends. The beginnings of potjie is not well documented, but is believed to have derived from the time of the ‘voortrekkers’. It is now an everyday occurrence here in Namibia. The way a potjie is put together is everything goes, whatever can be found in the food cupboards and the fridge can be added. There is no set recipe to this delicious dish anymore.

The three legged pot is placed on an open fire, with water and then add the meat or chicken to cook soft. Remove the water from the pot when the meat is halfway cooked and add coke cola, the soft drink. This is definitely a new twist to an old recipe. Add the vegetables and pre-cooked rice and the spices. The best vegetables to use is onions, potatoes, squash these must be cut in quarters and not placed in the pot whole as it will explode and butternut.

The coke cola adds a flavour and the stickiness combines the ingredients nicely and makes it a melt in the mouth, creamy dish that can be served with salads.

Alternative to the coke cola, water can be used and add the knor pack of soup to the dish to give it flavour and provide a sauce for this fantastic dish.

The potjie takes about 2 hours to prepare and depending on the size of the three legged pot can serve up to 10 people in one sitting.

It is a highly celebrated dish in Namibia and the warmth of the fire, the delicious smells and the glass of wine sets the tone for the day or evening and everyone can relax and enjoy this ancient tradition.