Protect yourself in Namibia

by Nolizel Franks

18 Namibia - the safest country in Africa

By many travellers; Namibia is considered as one of the safest countries in Africa.

But here are a few tips on how to be safe, taking care of oneself and being cautious in Namibia.

The sun: It is no coincidence that the sun is the main element on the Namibian flag. Yes as you might have guessed; as 20% of Namibia is covered with desert, the temperature might soar as high as 42 degrees Celsius. In conditions like these it is advised that one has a bottle of water handy to prevent dehydration and more importantly wherever you travel have a few for the road; as car engines are prone to overheat in very harsh days.

Clothing might play a significant role in harsh weather too. Light fabric of clothing and light colours are advised. And if the opportunity to cool down in a nearby pool is possible, by all means do it.

Second effect the sun has on all Namibia’s inhabitants or visitors is the harsh rays against the skin. So whether or not you are enjoying a nice day at the beach or beside the pool, or even just for a quick stroll out and about; Sun tan lotion (preferably SP45) is of utmost importance. Protect yourself against a burning tan and even more dangerous the killer disease - Cancer.

Malaria: A very common disease in Africa, but fortunately not so common in Namibia. The most affected regions are those in the North; Caprivi, Oshana and Kavango. Due to the rainy climate; the brewing of mosquito eggs on the open waters are more probable. So to protect oneself take Malaria pills with, when travelling to these regions, avoid camping next to the open waters. Usages of nets are a necessity and mosquito repellent are on shelves in most supermarkets.

Crime: Namibia is a rather safe country. But some incidences can be unfortunate- but preventable. It is advised that all should be cautious and vigilant on any excursions. Keep all your valuables in a bag and always keep your belongings with you. Opportunists may allure one and make use of every opportunity; do not play right into their hands. Money, jewellery, camera's and cellular phones are their main eye attractions.

At your accommodation keep doors and windows closed at night for extra safety. Try to stay in large crowds when travelling somewhere or try to stroll on busy roads. All in all it is a rather safe environment but always be on the lookout for the opportunists.

In cases of safari trips; please read signs that are displayed everywhere and follow ALL safety tips and rules of the guides or the resorts.

When travelling on foot or by car; always make sure you have all the relevant numbers of emergency services (e.g. Police, ambulance, towing services etc.). May you all have a peaceful and memory-filled time in this beautiful country.