34 SwakopmundSituated in Southwest Africa on the shores of the South Atlantic Ocean and surrounded by the Namib Desert on three sides, the city of Swakopmund provides a home to more than 40,000 permanent residents. With moderate temperatures and climate, Swakopmund attracts visitors from warmer locations, especially during the hottest months of December and January. With comfortable yearly temperatures due to its proximity to the ocean, Swakopmund makes the perfect holiday seaside resort. Sunbathing, surfing, fishing and other beach activities remain popular, but swimming is generally avoided due to cold waters caused by the Benguela current of the South Atlantic.

The population of Swakopmund swells in the summer months and Christmas holidays when families and others vacationers fill the town, often making hotel accommodations difficult to find. Founded by Germans in 1892, German influence still makes a mark on Swakopmund. In addition to the German-style buildings throughout the city which evoke a feeling of yesteryear, many Germans have made their home here, bringing with them their culture, foods, German beers and their language. Some of the more prominent buildings designed in the German style include Hohenzollern Haus, Woermann Haus and Old Provincial Court.

Swakopmund offers a wide variety of outdoor activities for locals and visitors combining the ocean and desert location. Outdoor enthusiasts can participate in camel riding, sand boarding, quad-biking and skydiving. Interesting sites await travelers heading northward along the Namibian coastline toward the National West Coast Recreation Area or southward toward Walvis Bay. On occasion, Swakopmund wears a veil of fog that can shroud the city making outdoor activity unsuitable. Vacations can include trips to the Namib Desert for various activities at times such as this. In addition to enjoying the diverse outdoor activities available in the area around Swakopmund, the city also offers more sedate entertainment.

The National Marine Aquarium of Namibia opened in 1995 and features the aquatic life found along the coastal waters of Namibia. The Swakopmund Museum displays artifacts of the local history. For those who enjoy nightlife activities, the Swakopmund Hotel and Entertainment Centre fits the bill. Constructed around the remains of the old Swakopmund Railway station, this hotel offers everything that any visitor could desire including a lavish setting, well-appointed rooms, full casino, pool, conference rooms, health club facilities and wireless Internet. The city of Swakopmund offers wonderful diversity of culture, language, natural beauty and outdoor activities, making it a premier vacation spot.