Walvis Bay

Settled on the shore of the country’s only natural deepwater harbor, Walvis Bay is a city of approximately 50,000 residents. Walvis Bay, which means Whale Bay in the Afrikaans language, enjoys a blending of natural resources, scenic beauty and cultural backgrounds making it a lively city.

With a large natural harbor and the incredible sand dunes of the Namib Desert, Walvis Bay functions as a tourism center for those wanting to experience the outdoor life. Many enjoy beach and water sports such as deep-sea fishing, surfing, kiting and sailing. The sand dunes provide areas for those who enjoy sand-boarding, para-gliding and quad-biking.

Walvis Bay has a unique climate owing to its location next to the arid Namib Desert and the cold offshore currents of the South Atlantic Ocean. With very little yearly precipitation, Walvis Bay ranks as one of the planet’s driest cities. In spite of the lack of rain, temperatures fluctuate very little throughout the year making it an almost ideal climate.

Walvis Bay owes much of its livelihood to the waters of the natural lagoon and its abundant wildlife. With vast catches of anchovy, tuna, sardines, catfish, horse mackerel, steenbras, hake, kingklip and other saltwater species available, the fishing industry thrives here. In addition to fishing, the town supports several fish and fish products processors and exporters providing employment for the citizens of the area. Much of the economy revolves around the fishing industry in some manner or another.

Another natural resource provides an important facet of the local economy. The salt fields of Walvis Bay provide the resources for the operation of one of Africa’s largest solar evaporation facilities, processing and exporting high-quality sea salt for the rest of Africa.

Many species of birds and other wildlife make their home in the wetlands of Walvis Bay including pelicans, flamingos, cormorants, fur seals, bottle-nosed dolphins and whales. Guano Platform, located just north of Walvis Bay, rests on free-standing wooden stilts and houses thousands of nesting and migratory birds.

Walvis Bay offers both high-class as well as moderately-priced restaurants and hotels making it a vacation destination suitable for everyone.